Q: Can I learn everything stated for that henna course in 6 hours?

A: Yes. I teach you the techniques and information that you need. It is up to you, like anything in life, to go away and keep practising to get better.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?

A: No, all learning materials and kit is provided.

Q: For 1:1, why is it at my home? Can we go elsewhere?

A: When you sign up to a class, the cost is split per person and taken from the overall course cost. To hire a spare for 1 person, means I would have to charge more to cover that cost. We can go somewhere like a coffee shop as long as parking is ok for 6 hours or covered by student.

Q: How big are your classes?

A: No more than 10 people max. It usually is 3 –5 people.

Q: What happens after the course?

A: You go away and practice. You are welcometo message me after the course with progress photos, but you must keep in touch at least 4 weeks after the course onwards.

Q: Can I gain paid work or work experience?

A: If you keep in touch, and I can see that you are progressing well and in the rightdirection, then yes I will offer some form of work for you.

Q: Can I get business and portfolio support?

A: Yes, get in touch and let me know your needs and I will assist you.

Q: Can I get insurance with my certificate?

A: Yes. This is discussed on the course.

Q: Is henna formally qualified and certified.

A: No. Unfortunately henna is one of the few very ancient arts that it CANNOT be regulated like beauty therapy such as waxing. Henna is a natural universal art that no country has a law or imposedregulation, however henna courses need to be taught by a teacher who is qualified to teach. I am certified by City and Guild and insured.